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There are numerous theories on the mysterious pyramids of China. The monuments were first spotted by the West by pilots in the last century. It became quickly obvious that there were not only a few of them but hundreds of pyramids scattered on the ground varying in size but all seemed to display a flat top similar to the Mesoamerican pyramids. ref


Today only a few remain excavated and sadly the Chinese government is holding back information about details. In fact not even a clear, high-quality map is available that would show the layout and for some reason the Chinese officials decided to grow plants on them that will eventually destroy much of the structure, at least on the surface. In one word it is a mystery and not so much is known. What is known is that today most 'tombs' carry names of ancient rulers and are thought to be royal tombs... but their original function might have been different. ref

But what if I told you... the star map of China is like a copy of that of Egypt! It uses different scalings and distances but it still displays an awe-inspiring match to it so much that the comparison of the central area above speaks for itself.


The long curve of Saqqara with its triangulation and the tight pyramid cluster of Abusir on its 'right' was laid out in the same configuration as in China, compare the small details, too (in some places the rings mark buried or unexcavated pyramids that are not visible on surface).


But consider the following: the general layout of all the Lower Egyptian Pyramids from the northern Abu Rawash to the southern Dahshur pyramids including sites as Giza, Zawyet El-Aryan, Abu Ghurab, Abusir, Saqqara, the Red- and Bent pyramids IS a match to the layout of the Xi'an ones seen on the long, green pyramid map! For evidence by Wayne see the images of the Egyptian pyramid star map HERE and HERE, and also the whole dedicated page here, compare the two.


It is suspect that both cultures were inspired by the same celestial visitors to create the star map, human beings from the stars misunderstood as 'gods' in later times, the ancestors of humanity.


But what is the REASON for the star map? Such a grandiose work has to deliver a message otherwise why was it built?


Back years ago, Wayne Herschel realized that the Egyptian pyramid field had an anomalous scaling implanted in it - the tight cluster of Abusir for Pleiades was deliberately built 8 times larger than the star cluster actually appears in the sky. It almost asks the viewer to zoom in on this area of the sky because something important lies there. Indeed, the Abusir area is the one where one finds the Solar Pyramid of Ra (titled as 'Niuserre pyramid'), a marker of a star like our Sun. ref1 ref2

'Coincidently' the field of Xi'an also displays the matching cluster larger than Pleiades appears in the night sky. And not far from the leg-shaped asterism lies a small isolated pyramid in line with two of the cluster pyramids. The images seem to show some small satellite monuments attached to it, too. Reference to its position here


Is this single pyramid the reason for the whole star map? Marker for a sun-like star like in Egypt? If so, will they find something there, once opened? There is a whole page available HERE dedicated to the same star map found in various Far Eastern cultures including China - and how some cultures incorporated the star map into their death rituals too, showing their souls would return to that very star system, something that might have inspired them to re-use the monuments as tombs in later times!


More on this... and why the pyramid field was made so big... and possibly for whom this message was created, see The Hidden Records


The comparison above speaks for itself - it is not made up nor edited, this is how the Xi'an linear pyramid field appears. Besides the larger pyramids the small and tiny monuments and anomalies were also included as plain yellow boxes. In the following lines I go through the main parts adding references at the end - by clicking on them you'll be able to verify all the positions in Google Maps.


It appears that the map begins with a pyramid matching Sirius, the brightest star in the sky and indeed, the Emperor Wu pyramid is possibly the largest one in the field. It also has other pyramids matching stars from Canis Major close to Sirius. ref


The next grouping includes 3 well defined medium sized pyramids in a row with few periphery monuments, it matches the famous belt of Orion and outer stars. ref


The following are 2 large pyramids corresponding to the 2 important stars of Taurus, the eyes of the bull, Aldebaran and Ain. ref


The one that comes next is the HIGHLIGHT of the star map and possibly the reason it was made. It is the only large cluster of pyramids in the field and matches the only naked-eye visible star cluster in the sky, Pleiades. It has an extra pyramid next to it, an anomaly. More on this to come. ref


The next grouping is possibly the best matching part of the map, huge pyramids in a slight curve and continuing in a triangular layout. This area near Pleiades matches the famous Andromeda with Aries. It is not a coincidence that this area is the most densely built in the field... this is the centre together with the Pleiades grouping... the center of reverence so to speak! It also has a notable match to the Andromeda Galaxy represented by twin pyramids in a huge enclosure. ref


The group to follow is Pegasus and Aquila areas with yet another triangular asterism and a group of 2 very bright stars right 'below' it, the Altair grouping. ref


After this comes a long string of stars of various magnitudes while reaching a dense cluster of small monuments possibly hinting at the giant Carina Nebula that would faintly loom in the sky under the best viewing circumstances. It is also near the dense galactic core. ref1 ref2


​The star map then seems to end with the bright star Canopus and stars from Carina and Canis Major before returning to Sirius. ref



The question must be asked though: What if... what if this pyramid culture was too obsessed with the stars and wanted to recreate a giant star map to mimic heavens in a special way pinpointing a special star as it was done in Egypt shown by Wayne Herschel ?


While the area of Xi'an city boosts a number of scattered and stand-alone pyramidal monuments it turns out that there is a huge concentration of at least 100 smaller and larger pyramids to the northwest of the city laid out in a linear pattern around the nearby river, just like in Egypt where the pyramids were too placed along a line next to the Nile ! Is it just a coincidence or is there more to this? ref (general Egypt map)

The answer is a sound yes, and a whole week's thorough mapping work using the best Google Earth photos revealed an incredible discovery - the following image is the only of its kind available to date, a high-resolution exact map of the main pyramid belt of Xi'an that runs in a perfect line for more than 30 kms.


Using Wayne's scheme he applied to the Egyptian pyramids I was curious if it also worked on the grand Chinese pyramid field... a 360 degree panorama of stars running around the Milky Way and pinpointing a special place in it... the result was beyond expectations.






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